Yacht Charter Bases in Croatia: Best Places to Start Your Luxury Yacht Charter

Here are the best yacht charter bases to begin your sailing journey along the wonderful Croatian coast.

13 September 2021

So, you are already eyeing Croatia as your yacht charter destination and now you’re probably wondering - where’s the best place to start your sail? This is where you should choose your yacht base, also called a port or marina. In this article, we will describe the 4 marinas we use for our luxury yacht charters in Croatia: 

  • Marina Kastela
  • Split ACI Marina
  • Marina Frapa
  • ACI Marina Dubrovnik

A marina typically contains berths for boats, a central facility, and nearby restaurants and stores. Other facilities found in marinas often include a reception desk with a WLAN wireless Internet system, restrooms, ATM, a laundromat, a nautical equipment store and maintenance shop.

Each of the marinas described below has its distinct character and quality. Depending on your itinerary, one of these may be more ideal than another.

Marina Kastela

Marina Kastela from the air. Source: marina-kastela.hr

Marina Kastela, located on the southeast shore of Kastela Bay, is one of the most popular bases to begin a yacht cruise in Croatia. It is situated near major cities like Split and Trogir, and the Split International Airport is only 7km away.

It is surrounded by mountains and peninsulas on all sides, making the view stunning and the waters calm and clear. The marina provides safe harbor for both charter-operated and private yachts, with easy access to the mid-Adriatic islands for touring and boating purposes. 

This marina has 420 water berths and 200 dry berths for a wide range of boats, including mega-yachts, small luxury yachts, smaller luxury yachts, catamarans and boats for water skiing and pleasure boating, and all other types of sailboats and motorboats. 

Its facilities also include an air-conditioned lounge, supermarket and cafe-bar.

We use Marina Kastela as a starting point for both our Croatian yacht charter routes:

7 days north Adriatic charter route 

7 days south Adriatic charter route

ACI Marina Split

ACI Marina Split. Source: aci-marinas.com

Split is one of the largest cities in the region and serves as the third-busiest port in the Mediterranean. It receives annual traffic of 4 million passengers, and travelers often visit the nearby islands. 

Many luxury yachts moor at the Split ACI (Adriatic Croatia International) Marina, which contains 355 berths and 30 more spaces to store boats on land. It is a full-service marina with many sights to see for curious travelers. Located in the most beautiful part of the city's massive port just north of the Sustipan Peninsula, the ACI Marina Split is open year-round. You will certainly enjoy Split’s waterfront promenade, which begins at the ACI Marina. 

Due to its location on the north coast of Dalmatia, Split ACI Marina is a great choice for boaters who like to enjoy some time in the Croatian mountains or the coastline. For those who prefer to explore inland Croatian destinations (like its national parks), it also offers services and facilities on a private basis.

Marina Frapa, Rogoznica

Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. Source: marinafrapa.hr

The Marina Frapa is nestled at the heart of cozy Rogoznica, a peaceful town along the Dalmatian coast. It is sheltered in all directions, making for an easy ride out to the sea from the bay of Soline. An artificial island comprises the centre of the marina with facilities including a reception center and a transit jetty nearly 400 metres long. 

The full complex contains 450 fully-equipped berths and 150 dry berths, and nearby on-shore facilities include the "Kopno" hotel, an outdoor swimming pool and a night club, as well as several restaurants and other service establishments. It is designed with the high-class tourist in mind who wishes to go yachting in Croatia in style.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik. Source: croatia.hr

The ACI Marina Dubrovnik is situated in Dubrovnik, one of the oldest and most famous Croatian cities. Buildings in Dubrovnik date back to the 7th Century AD and are protected as UNESCO World Heritage sites, one of several such sites in Croatia

Marina Dubrovnik has received commendations for its clear waters and high-quality service and has been named the best marina in the Adriatic for four consecutive years due to its safety, cleanliness and upkeep. 

It contains 380 sea berths and 140 land spaces for boats. Numerous restaurants abound in the area surrounding the marina, making this the perfect spot for visitors with a sophisticated palate. 

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The marina also contains sporting opportunities in the form of tennis courts, bowling grounds, swimming pool, football field and a children's "pirate ship" playground. The nearby park Prevlaka offers many active experiences, and nearby adventure opportunities include archeological diving and free-climbing.

We hope that our list of Croatian yacht charter bases helped you pick your starting point for your luxury yacht charter. If interested, you can take a look at our selection of yachts for charter in Croatia here.

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