Top 10 Croatian restaurants for a yacht tour of the Adriatic

Here are the top 10 Croatian restaurants you can find on an Adriatic yacht charter route, selected by the Magnum Yacht Charter team.

22 September 2020

Fine dining in Croatia is always a topic we’re excited to talk, read and write about, since there are so many fantastic places to try out. After all, trying the best of local cuisine goes hand-in-hand with embarking on a luxury yacht charter voyage along Croatia’s coastline, discovering the secrets of its amazing islands, charming Mediterranean towns and lively marine cities.

The local gastro offer is based on a variety of Mediterranean ingredients, ranging from the freshest Adriatic white fish to divine olive oil. Apart from that, you can enjoy your food while having the most spectacular views of the sea or among the charismatic Roman stone-walls which tell a story of their own.

So, if you’re planning a tour of the Croatian Adriatic from north to south, we’re bringing you a list of the top 10 restaurants you can find:

- Monte Rovinj

- Bevanda, Opatija

- Boškinac, Pag​

- Foša, Zadar

- Pelegrini, Šibenik

- Zrno Soli, Split

- Passarola, Hvar

- Filippi, Korčula

- Konoba kod Marka, Šipan

- 360 Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik


Monte, Rovinj

monte rovinj

Photo: Dalibor Talajic/Monte

Monte is a modern and trendy restaurant, located in the heart of the beautiful Istrian town of Rovinj. It is well known for featuring fresh products from local fishermen, farmers and producers.

They can also take pride in having a Michelin star for high-quality cooking and delightful comfort. As one of its trademarks, the Michelin guide on Monte singles out chef Danijel Đekić, who has been voted as Croatia’s chef of the year by the Gault&Millau Croatia 2020 gastro guide.

Also, Monte is the top-rated restaurant in Rovinj on Tripadvisor. If you’re on your way through, make sure to stop for a meal here!

Michelin recommended specialties:

  • Sea bass with king prawn, cuttlefish, cauliflower and algae
  • Suckling pig with lentils, pork rind and onion marmalade
  • Pear Metamorphosis


Bevanda, Opatija

Photo: Bevanda

Being a part of a 5-star hotel, Bevanda is a renowned luxurious restaurant with a 40-year old tradition. It is located in the famous tourist resort of Opatija, with a view over the Kvarner Bay. Known for its delicious seafood and a spectacular wine list, but it also has a lavishly distinct interior.

If you’re looking for a luxurious venue to eat in Opatija, Bevanda should be at the top of your list. As the Gault Millau’s review of the restaurant says, “the only dilemma is to choose whether you should have lunch or dinner”. Either way, you can’t miss!


  • Local seafood (various types of fish, crab, seashells) with olive oil
  • Truffles
  • Wine

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Boškinac, Pag​

Photo: Maja Danica/Boškinac

On the unique Croatian island of Pag located in Northern Dalmatia, there are so many beaches to visit and enjoy. But after all that swimming, one needs to find some fine dining, right?

No better place for that than the Boškinac restaurant in Novalja, another Croatian restaurant awarded with a Michelin star. It is a part of a family-owned hotel and winery, surrounded by an idyllic, green Mediterranean scenery and the soothing scents of olives, pine trees, sage and others.

Pag itself has its own iconic products, like olive oil, lamb and cheese, which is only a portion of all the superb local food you want to try at Boškinac. (Yes, Croatian can sometimes be hard for foreigners, so to help with pronunciation: it’s Bosh-kee-natz).

Michelin recommended specialties:

  • Carpaccio of white fish, seaweed, radish, trout caviar, lemon cream, dried octopus dashi
  • Lamb from Pag Island: lamb muscle, belly with crispy skin carrots, pine tree, wild island herbs
  • Cane from Novalja field: burned cane, dehydrated kale, blackberry coulis, bee pollen, honey thuile


Foša, Zadar

fosa zadar

Photo: Foša

If you stop by Zadar on your Northern Adriatic yacht charter route, you should definitely stop and eat at Foša. It is an excellent seafood place, found in a small port of the same name.

It combines a modern interior with a beautiful walled, traditionally Dalmatian outdoor terrace which overlooks the port. Foša also has a Michelin plate for good cooking, with raw and cooked fish at the forefront of its fabulous menu.


  • Local seafood (white fish, squid, shrimp and lobster)


Pelegrini, Šibenik

pelegrini sibenik

Photo: Pelegrini

Delightful local flavors abound at the Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik, one of the oldest coastal cities in Croatia. Just like Šibenik, Pelegrini also has a rich tradition – it has won three consecutive Michelin stars since 2018, and has received awards for both the Croatian restaurant of the year, as well as for the Chef of the year (awarded to chef Rudi Štefan).

Pelegrini is situated right beside the magnificent St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Šibenik, one of the city’s trademarks, so you really can’t miss booking a table at its wonderful terrace and let your tastebuds try some of the magic.  

Michelin recommended specialties:

  • Veal rool ćevapčić, marinated mussels
  • Peka - veal under the bell, fish and lardo
  • Floating Island, prošek andcrispy caramel


Zrno Soli, Split

zrno soli split

Photo: Zrno Soli

Split is such a unique and rich city, it deserves to have two restaurants on this list.

For an elegant dinner with a spectacular view of the city and its marina, Zrno Soli is just the place. Translated as “a grain of salt”, this is an excellent restaurant awarded with a Michelin plate for its cooking, and featured on the Michelin guide for Croatia three years in a row since 2018.

The restaurant’s website mentions some famous guests who ate here: the queen of Denmark, princess of Thailand, the rock band Guns N' Roses and the board of FC Barcelona.  Those are some star references!


  • Original Mediterranean menus, with internationally acclaimed virgin olive oil from the island of Šolta


Passarola, Hvar

passarola hvar

Photo: Passarola

Hvar (or For, as locals call it) is one of the most popular islands in Croatia. This statement says something, given that the country has over a 1000 of them! This island is well known for the fact that it has the largest number of sunny days in a year.

Passarola shines just as bright on the local gastro scene – it’s an exquisite restaurant and night bar situated in the town centre, with delicious local seafood and wine list. If you’re looking to combine fine dining with a fun night out on the island, this is definitely a place you need to check out.

  • Seafood stew with lobster, scampi, seashells, and tagliatelli
  • Tuna steak in sesame


Filippi, Korčula

filippi korcula

Photo: Gourmet365

Heading south from Hvar, you will find another beautiful and popular Croatian island, Korčula. Once there, you need to grab a meal at this small, family-owned restaurant rich in flavors and with a strikingly great view.

It’s situated right on the promenade of the old town, covered in stone, with a terrace under the shades of Mediterranean pine trees and overlooking the turquoise Adriatic waters. Filippi also has a Michelin plate, awarded for its deliciously fresh menu and rich wine list from the Pelješac peninsula.

If you’re going for simple and elegant, Filippi is right up your alley.


  • Roasted octopus with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and olive oil
  • Homemade focaccia with rosemary, olive oil and black olives


Konoba kod Marka, Šipan


Photo: Tripadvisor

What kind of a top-Croatian-restaurants-on-the-seaside list would this be, if we didn’t include at least one konoba? The name comes from Latin, and it signifies a typically Dalmatian restaurant which is part of a house, traditionally in the basement or wine cellar.

This one is located on another gorgeous island of Šipan, albeit smaller than Hvar or Korčula above (and less busy). Kod Marka (meaning - At Marko’s) is an exquisite and secluded seafood place in the island’s harbor. Lest we forget, it’s also right on our yacht charter route of the Souther Adriatic. A top island getaway pick!


  • Local shrimp
  • Octopus meatballs
  • Korčula popara (traditional local stew)


360 Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik


Photo: Veronica Arevalo/360

What more to say about Dubrovnik? “The Pearl of the Adriatic” is without any doubt among the most popular elite destinations in Croatia, a distinguished movies and TV location, and one of our Croatian yacht charter bases as well.

Among many other things, it’s known for its world-class restaurants, and 360 Dubrovnik is certainly one of the most recognizable ones. It features a truly enchanting atmosphere atop the famous city walls, a top-notch service and a sublime menu, which is why it’s also one of the several Croatian restaurants awarded with a Michelin star.

If you find yourself on a Southern Adriatic yacht charter route, eating at 360 Dubrovnik is an absolute must.

Michelin recommended specialties:

  • Foie gras terrine with homemade brioche and quince sauce
  • Roasted sea bass with cuttlefish and sea fennel salad, spinach and Swiss chard sauce
  • Mango with white chocolate and champagne mousse


And there you have it – those were our top 10 restaurants on the Croatian Adriatic!


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