The most popular islands in Croatia

Croatia is known as "the land of 1000 islands" so we encourage all our guests to come and visit these islands while on their island luxury yacht charter.

09 October 2019

Croatia is known as "the land of 1000 islands" and each has its own story, legend, tradition and local custom that awaits guests for their Croatian island vacation. We encourage all our guests to come and visit these island while on their island luxury yacht charter because they will see nothing but true uniqueness and beauty. Apart from the typical famous islands such as: Cres, Brac and Dugi otok Croatia is filled with plenty of hidden gems at the guest’s disposal to discover while on their Mediterranean yacht cruise. Below are a few islands that are rare and ready to be found and explored.

The longest island is Hvar and is has the largest number of sunny days in a year. It is well worth exploring summer nights' magic, vivid life that flows through its narrow streets, mystical touch of the old churches and monasteries. A sip of famous wine made of grapes of the island's southern slopes is bound to seduce you. In the evenings this island comes alive. Its famous for its luxurious night clubs and fancy gourmet restaurants. There is plenty for everyone to do. Hvar is a very popular luxury yacht island destination.

The most attractive beaches are certainly located on Brač and Zlatni rat at Bol is a world famous beach. It is more very well-known for its clear waters but mainly because of its gravel cape where winds and waves create amazing shapes.
Being covered in pine woods, vineyards and olive fields and worldwide known for its stone quarries Brač is a very popular island. It has numerous seaside and summer resorts, historical and cultural sights, and airport and marina which are easily accessible, making Brač one of the most favourite luxury yacht destinations.

Spreading out in the deep blue sea of the central Adriatic, the Kornati islands is a group of 150 islands, islets and reefs situated just across the cities of Šibenik and Zadar. In many ways they have plenty of unique and magnificent scenery, well-indented coastlines, rich underwater ecosystems, crystal clear waters, plenty of sunshine and numerous little bays and ports. All of these make them an absolute destination for summer cruising luxury yachts.

Inseparably connected to the island of Komiža, at the beginning Biševo was believed to have been inhabited by mermaids. Actually, these mermaids were a kind of seals, known as the Mediterranean monk seals who lived and died in one of the caves of the island. Nowadays it is very rare, said by locals, to be seen. The most famous cave is the Blue cave in which play of lights and shadows breaks through the underwater gap and creates a magical blue light show. It's simply not possible to resist diving into its silvery deepness. This island also offers one of the finest wines in Croatia and plenty of sand beaches, crystal clear waters and caves to explore.

This was just a quick introduction to just some of the islands available to explore. We invite all our guests to contact us about any of their personal desires and wants. Come to Croatia and explore our seacoast with us.