7 Reasons Why Croatia is A Perfect Yacht Charter Destination

Thinking about renting a yacht this year? Here are several reasons why you should consider Croatia – a perfect destination for your luxury yacht charter.

01 April 2021

Thinking about renting a yacht this year? Here are several reasons why you should consider Croatia – a perfect destination for your luxury yacht charter.

With its long and beautiful Adriatic coastline, thousand islands and islets, a warm Mediterranean climate, charming architecture, rich history, and natural wonders, Croatia has everything you need for a perfect sailing vacation. You can enjoy lots of sunshine, a clear blue Adriatic Sea, favorable winds, great sailing infrastructure, numerous uninhabited islands, secluded coves, and scenic beaches. 

Also, Croatia has had the Safe travels Label issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures that the Croatian government took to keep the citizens safe and contain the spread of the virus have been very effective, so it’s one of the safest destinations to visit.

Other than being safe, we have singled out 7 other reasons why it’s also one of the best yacht charter destinations in general.


1. Mild Mediterranean climate

Hvar town harbor in Croatia (Source: Shutterstock)

The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters.The sailing season is from April to October. During the high season (from July to August) the weather is blissfully hot (average temperature ranges from 26°C to 30°C) and the water temperature is ideal for swimming and other water-based activities. Croatia’s coast is considered one of the sunniest in Europe. The island of Hvar is famous for having more than 2700 hours of sunshine per year, followed by Split, Dubrovnik, Brač, and Korčula.

During the summer, the heat is soothed by the steady maestral wind, which is ideal for sailing. In May, June, and September you can expect pleasant sunny days and fewer crowds. April and October still have relatively warm temperatures and are ideal if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

2. Beautiful and preserved nature

Beach Stiniva (Source: Shutterstock)

Croatia is home to many natural wonders. On a relatively small territory, it has eight national parks (Mljet Island, The Kornati archipelago, and Brijuni island are the ones located on the Adriatic) and eleven natural parks (Telašćica bay and Lastovo island are the ones located on the Adriatic). In one of our previous blogs, we’ve selected five Croatian national parks you can easily reach while sailing the Adriatic coast.

The Adriatic Sea is relatively shallow, warm, and rich in biodiversity. It’s pristine and characterized by a particularly intense color, which contributes to the uniqueness of the Dalmatian coastline. The natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea is accentuated by it being the most indented section of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why Croatia is also known as the “land of 1000 islands”. You can see our list of the most popular islands in Croatia here.

Croatia is also famous for its breathtaking and diverse beaches. You can find anything from romantic sandy shores, pebbly coves to secluded rocky beaches, where you can relax and unwind. In fact, the beach Stiniva on the island of Vis is considered the best beach in Europe!

If you’re into scuba diving and snorkeling, you’re going to have a great time in Croatia, as its diving sites are one of the best in Europe. You can enjoy the diversity of marine life, explore shipwrecks and underwater caves. We’ve picked the best scuba & snorkeling spots you should visit when sailing the Adriatic Sea.

3. Rich culture and history

Dubrovnik Old Town (Source: Shutterstock)

Beautiful nature isn’t everything that Croatia has to offer. The fact that there are as many as ten UNESCO-certified World Heritage Sites in Croatia speaks volumes about its rich cultural and historical heritage.  We highly recommend that you visit the following historical sites:

  • the city of Dubrovnik – also known as “the pearl of Adriatic”, famous for its outstanding walls and architecture, as well as for being one of the locations where the popular series Game of Thrones was filmed
  • Diocletian’s Palace in Split – the striking Palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, whose architectural style varies from the Romanesque to the Baroque
  • St. James Cathedral in Šibenik – the 15th-century cathedral made entirely of stone, with mixed influences of the Gothic and Renaissance
  • The city of Trogir – once the cultural center of Dalmatia, the city which best reflects its art and architecture

4. Delicious Dalmatian cuisine

Traditional Dalmatian Peka (Source: Shutterstock)

The Croatian region of Dalmatia has one of the world’s healthiest cuisines, as it incorporates essential elements of the Mediterranean gastronomy – extra virgin olive oil, plenty of fresh fish and seafood (clams, squid, octopus, shrimp), an abundance of locally sourced vegetables and aromatic herbs (marjoram, oregano, basil, rosemary), homemade cheeses and high-quality wine made from indigenous grapes.

Reward your taste buds with some of the following authentic Dalmatian dishes:

  • Black risotto – risotto with cuttlefish, named after its distinctive black color from the cuttlefish ink
  • Brudet – a fish stew made from several types of fish stewed in spices, vegetables, and wine, usually served with polenta (boiled cornmeal)
  • Pag Island Cheese – one of the finest sheep cheeses in the world made from the milk of  sheep bred on the island of Pag
  • Prosciutto – thin slices of air-dried ham, often served with olives and cheese
  • Pašticada – slow-cooked beef in a rich  tomato and wine sauce, seasoned with herbs and served with gnocchi
  • Peka – slow-cooked octopus or lamb with  vegetables made in a pot which is put into a fireplace

If you’re wondering about the best places to eat, we’ve picked the top 10 must-visit Croatian restaurants for a yacht tour of the Adriatic in our previous blogs. See also our picks of the best Croatian wineries to visit on a yacht charter here.

5. Great hospitality & accommodation

People at the cafe in the Old port of Dubrovnik (Source: Shutterstock)

Croatians are in general friendly, laid-back, and open people. Almost everybody speaks English and many of them speak Italian and German. They can be quite generous and will gladly help tourists, give directions, or share knowledge about their culture and history. Lounging in cafes and bars is an important part of the lives of locals, so if you’re used to a hectic lifestyle, holidays in Croatia might be exactly what you need to finally relax and find inner peace.

In Croatia, you will also find outstanding luxury accommodation all along the coast, with all the amenities your heart could desire, especially near big cities.

6. Excellent sailing infrastructure

Beautiful Marina in Split (Source: Shutterstock)

Croatia has a great maritime infrastructure, with more than sixty marinas. You can find marinas on remote islands too, with all the necessary facilities for sailors. You can find a safe harbor, or a port practically anywhere along the coast. Croatia’s many islands and islets will turn your sailing trip into an unforgettable adventure.

7. Luxury at a fraction of the cost

Hvar town scenery (Source: Shutterstock)

If you start planning on time and book your yacht charter early, you can not only secure the perfect boat and the date but also turn your sailing holiday into an affordable experience.

Besides, Croatia offers an equally luxurious experience for a lower price than in some more expensive charter destinations.

Recap – why choose Croatia as your yacht charter destination

To conclude, Croatia has everything you need for your dream sailing vacation – the perfect climate, wonderful nature, rich history, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and solid nautical infrastructure. On top of that, it’s one of the safest places to visit during the pandemic, as well as one of the less expensive luxury charter destinations.

With an ‘all hands on deck‘ approach from our team and all the safety precautions in place, your sailing vacation will be everything you dreamed it to be. Our goal is to provide the best possible yacht charter service, so we’re always ready to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, you can browse our selection of luxury yachts. When you’re ready, please feel free to contact us.