Yachting in Dalmatia - A Guide Through the Most Popular Destinations

The Dalmatian coast is the perfect place to experience on a yacht charter because of its endless natural beauty and smooth sailing conditions.

27 September 2021

The Dalmatian coast is the perfect place to experience on a yacht charter because of its endless natural beauty and smooth sailing conditions. In this article, we will walk you through the best destinations to visit while yachting in Dalmatia.

Situated in Croatia, Dalmatia is a region located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is only 50km wide, mostly a coastal region characterized by mesmerizing beaches, coves, and natural islands. Due to its rich coastline, Dalmatia is a very popular yachting destination. 

Below we will list and describe the best locations in Dalmatia to visit by yacht, from north to south.

Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia is made up of a number of big and small islands with deep connections inland. The northern sub-region of Dalmatia corresponds to Sibenik–Knin and Zadar county of Croatia.


Pašman island. Image source: pasman.hr

Pašman is a scenic island located in the Zadar archipelago. It has a population of 2000 permanent residents and covers an area of 60 km². The island is a popular destination year-round, but it especially attracts visitors in the summer months because of its stunning nature and pleasant climate.

Pašman’s rich fauna and flora, numerous coves and beaches, inviting nature trails and beautiful landscapes will invite you to explore every inch of it.


Ugljan island. Image source: ugljan.hr 

Ugljan is another island situated in the wonderful Zadar archipelago. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers, who will enjoy its lush vegetation, bike trails through picturesque villages, and many natural bays. 

We thoroughly recommend you enjoy a swim at the Bay of Mulina, explore the surrounding beaches and discover ample ruins from the Roman period.


View of the Kornati. Source: Shutterstock

The Kornati islands are one of Croatia's most untouched and pristine natural gems. Protected as one of Croatian national parks, they are made up of 150 different islands, islets, and reefs that stretch across over 50 miles.

They are without a doubt among the most popular Croatian islands, and you should definitely put them on your itinerary when yachting in Dalmatia.


Zadar. Source: zadarguides.com

Zadar has been a prominent coastal town since Antiquity and is now one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Croatia. Visitors come to admire its rich cultural heritage, striking natural beauty and mild Mediterranean climate, as well as to enjoy its many restaurants and nightlife.

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Among the most popular sights in Zadar is the Sea Organ – a musical instrument that emits music from waves. It’s literally one of a kind, so you definitely shouldn’t miss seeing/hearing it.


Ručica on Pag. Image source: Shutterstock

Stretching a long way between Zadar and Kvarner Bay, Pag is an island famous for its eponymous cheese, lamb and lace, all universally acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated around the globe. 

One of its notable landmarks is the spectacular Ručica beach which seems like an oasis in the desert, perfect for any time of day.

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Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia has a number of bigger islands, with rough and green mountains close to the coastline. It is also called Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia.


Trogir town. Source: croatiagems.com

Featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, Trogir offers a wide range of attractions, from the ancient cathedral to the old narrow streets. You can experience a captivating, throwback medieval atmosphere, taste delicious seafood dishes and enjoy nature. 


Šolta Island

Šolta is a picturesque and fairly underrated Croatian island located only about 30 kilometers from the cities of Split and Trogir. This makes it quite a popular destination for boaters who are beginning or ending their charter trips.

It offers a rich history that can be experienced through the remnants of the ancient Illyrians, as well as medieval monuments. You can relax on one of the island’s many charming beaches, enjoy an afternoon swim in the crystal-clear sea, or take excursions to nearby towns.


Famous Zlatni rat beach at Bol on Brac island. 

Brač is one of the most popular Croatian islands with a coastline of over 400 km, partly covered by pine woods, vineyards and olive fields. It is known worldwide for its stone and architecture built from it.

Also, it features one of the best Croatian beaches - Zlatni Rat. On Brač, you can enjoy lots of swimming or sunning, hiking through mountains, or cycling along the coast.


Hvar town harbour. Image source: Shutterstock

Hvar is the perfect island to explore if you're looking for a summer getaway. It's the longest island in Croatia and offers the most sunny days in a year.

In the summer, its history and culture come alive when there is plenty of sunshine and an abundance of festivals to enjoy. The vineyards in the southern part of Hvar produce some top-quality wine which you must try.

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Magical Blue Cave on Biševo Island. Source: Croatia.hr

The island of Biševo is located in the centre of the Dalmatian archipelago, five kilometres southwest of the island of Vis. It is the most remote Croatian inhabited island. 

It has many bays and coves, as well as a large number of caves (26 according to some authors). Of the numerous coastal caves, the most famous are Modra or Biševska cave and Medvedina - these are terrific spots if you’re a diving enthusiast.

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Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia is a narrow strip of land encompassing the popular city of Dubrovnik. It roughly corresponds to the Dubrovnik-Neretva county of Croatia.

Elaphiti Islands

Lovely island of Kolocep. Source: Shutterstock

The Elaphiti Islands, also known as the Elaphites, is a wonderful small archipelago in the Adriatic Sea stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. The islands have a total area of around 30 square kilometres and a population of 850 inhabitants.

This perfect Mediterranean archipelago is the place to find peace and quiet. The sea, the herbs, and the pine trees will have you intoxicated by their unique scents. The Elaphites also abound with historical monuments, monasteries and gothic-renaissance summer residences waiting for you to discover.


The Island of Lastovo

Lastovo Island near the city of Dubrovnik is a magnificent “island of bright stars” where you can witness magical night skies and a remarkable archipelago around it, consisting of 46 islands. 

Besides its natural beauty, there is a lot of fascinating architecture from the 15th and the 16th century which deserves to be seen.



 View of the Mljet National Park and Dubrovnik archipelago. Source: Shutterstock

Mljet is one of the largest islands when you first enter the Croatian Adriatic from the South. It is Croatia’s greenest island, with lush Mediterranean vegetation, clear and clean sea, gentle sandy shorelines, and an abundance of underwater life.

Also, the northwest part of Mljet has one of the most dazzling national parks you can visit while yachting in the Adriatic.


Historic architecture view of Korcula. Source: Shutterstock

Korčula is another Croatian island of timeless beauty. The narrow walkways of its ancient town will lead you to find many decorated palaces and elegant houses. In the evening, a walk along its shore in the fading sunlight will reveal a glorious Adriatic sunset which you will hardly find anywhere else.

Discover Dalmatia on a luxury yacht charter

In conclusion, it's safe to say that the Dalmatian region is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in Croatia because of its natural beauty. Booking your own luxury yacht charter is a great way to experience all it has to offer. 

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With some of the most magnificent islands and coastlines in the world, Dalmatia is certainly a great pick for your luxury yacht charter holiday!

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