Visit Dalmatia - A Heaven For Sea Lovers!

Dalmatia is only 50km wide and it is mostly a coastal region characterized by mesmerizing beaches, coves, and natural islands.

Visit Dalmatia - A Heaven For Sea Lovers!
11 June 2014

Situated in Croatia, Dalmatia is a region located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Dalmatia is only 50km wide and it is mostly a coastal region characterized by mesmerizing beaches, coves, and natural islands. Due to the rough coastline and a number of islands around, Dalmatia is famous for yachting, diving, kayaking, and other popular activities. Warm sea, amazing wooded islands, and constant wind are some of the benefits that pull in a large number of tourists here.

Dalmatia has always developed itself to cherish its natural beauty and the environment. Dalmatia has a rich history and it is a combination of numerous traces of different civilizations, legacy, work, and pleasure. It is prominently known for its diverse islands, and coastal regions with their mesmerizing hidden bays as well as the rivers and lakes that gracefully flow over the surrounding mountains. Most tourists describe Dalmatia as the place they always dreamed of going!

Geographical Division Of Dalmatia

Traditionally, Dalmatia is divided into three regions along the coastline:

Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia is a narrow strip of land encompassing Dubrovnik with negligible connections to Herzegovina (in another country). Southern Dalmatia roughly corresponds to the Dubrovnik-Neretva county of Croatia.

Prominent Places

Elafitski Island

With an area of over 30 square km, the area is prominently covered with Mediterranean greenery, and there are many settlements around where you can have all the fun you want!

Lastovo Island

It consists of 46 islands, and although there is not much population around, but the residential architecture is mesmerizing. Moreover, there is a lot of architecture from the 15th and the 16th century that deserves to be explored.


One of the largest islands when you first enter the Croatian Adriatic from the South is Mljet. It is one of Croatia’s greenest islands with clear water around.

Korcula Island

Known for the olive trees, which shadow the island, the Korcula Island is also known for the ancient Korcula town.

Central Dalmatia

With rough and green mountains close to the coastline, Central Dalmatia has a number of bugger islands. It is also called Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia.

Prominent places

One of the most beautiful islands here, Solta has been much underrated but visitors are gradually realizing the immense potential here.

Brac boasts one of the richest historical backgrounds with architecture that should be respected. The economy also depends largely on fishing, tourism, and agriculture.

Hvar is an island with a large fertile coastal plain and springs of fresh water. The hillsides offer a beautiful view with rich olives groves, fruits, and lavender fields.

Half of this island is covered with pine forests while half is covered with rocks and the sea belt offers a rich fishing area!

Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia is made up of a number of big and small islands with deep connected inland. The northern sub-region of Dalmatia corresponds to Sibenik –Knin and Zadar county of Croatia.

Prominent Places


This island has the biggest green surface, according to its area. Moreover, it is also expected to have the cleanest water to the changes in current.


There are ample ruins from the Roman period here and this island is known for its amazing ferry trips!

Kornati Islands National Park

To visit the Kornati Islands, you will need to setup an expedition, which is normally led from Biograd. The natural beauty of the Kornati Islands provides a spectacular view.


Stretching a long way between Zadar and Kvarner, this flat, dry island is known for its commitment to local traditions.

Dalmatia for Nautical Tourism

Last year over 106 ports of Croatian nautical ports reported a total income of over 90 million EUR which is a 4% increase since the previous year and the number of foreign boaters coming here also went up by 3% compared to 2012. There are several marinas in the Dalmatian region and they serve as spaces for local and foreign vacationers looking forward to begin their yachting journeys. These marina bases have a number of amenities like restaurants, gear shops, and a central facility. On top of that marina bases here in Dalmatia also offer you facilities like Wireless internet, so that you stay connected at all times. With some of the most desirable islands and coastlines to visit, Dalmatia is expected to be visited by even more tourists this year, mainly for its yachting, boating, kayaking, fishing, diving, and other undeniably beautiful natural features.

Dalmatia Tour

We offer the following tour routes for our local and foreign customers looking forward to have a memorable Dalmatian experience!