5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Yacht Charter Early

From discounts, more yacht choices to more affordable flights, booking a yacht charter early has numerous benefits.

01 March 2021

From discounts, more yacht choices to more affordable flights, booking a yacht charter early has numerous benefits. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should start planning your sailing holiday in advance.

The early bird gets the worm – or in this case – the perfect sailing holiday. You’re probably thinking that there’s plenty of time since the sailing season usually starts in April, or that it doesn’t make sense to plan your sailing activities in the dead of winter. However, the best time to book a yacht charter for sailing the Mediterranean is from November to February.

Here are the most important benefits of early booking:

1.Lower yacht prices

Booking a yacht early will not only save you a lot of stress, but a lot of money as well. You can get much lower yacht prices if you book in advance. The more money you save on the cost of your charter, the more you’ll have to spend on additional experiences to ensure you have a perfect vacation. Besides, it’s wise to take advantage of discounts during the winter to get yourself a boat of your dreams, which might otherwise be out of your budget.

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2.Better choice of yachts

There are things in life you shouldn’t compromise on, and luxury yachts are one of them. Why settle on anything less than perfection? You deserve nothing less than an unforgettable holiday experience on the yacht tailored to your wants and needs.

Yachts come in all shapes and sizes, but usually, the best and the newest models get booked the fastest. That’s why it’s important to think in advance and book your yacht early – that way you get to cherry-pick and find the best model for you!

The sooner you decide to book a yacht, the better choice of yachts you’ll have.

Whether your primary goal is relaxing, or entertainment, a bigger yacht equipped with high-tech gadgets, or something smaller and cozier, early booking will allow you a broader and better choice. Keep in mind that the majority of clients who know what they want (in terms of yacht size, year of construction, crew, etc.), usually book months in advance.

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3.The ability to choose the perfect date

In addition to securing a boat that meets all your needs, by booking early you will also be able to choose the date that suits you best. That’s especially important if you’re planning a holiday in the high season (during July and August), as the dates in these months are usually booked first.

If you’re into regattas, or high-profile events (such as the Cannes Film Festival, or the Monaco Grand Prix), then you should book your holiday at least a year in advance to get ‘the front row seats’ to these ports. Why should you adapt to the available date, when you can have the dates adjust to your wishes?


4.Cheaper flights

There’s nothing worse than having your holiday planned to the last detail, only to realize that the flights to your destination are either entirely sold out or crazy expensive. The general rule is that the plane tickets get more expensive closer to the departure date.

Another problem is that more remote destinations have fewer flights per week and they usually get booked months in advance. This can spell trouble if you’re planning your sailing vacation at the peak of the season.

Booking early flights can help you save costs for other items on your sailing itinerary. Image source: Shutterstock


You can avoid this last-minute panic and save your resources for what really matters – by booking early. If you’re planning a long-haul trip, the best time to buy tickets is considered to be at least 120 days in advance. For short-haul trips, the best time to book is about 44-50 days in advance.

Useful links for checking available flights:


5. More time to plan your itinerary

Booking early allows you not only to find a perfect yacht at a reasonable price and the most affordable flight, but it leaves you plenty of time to do research on your dream destination. You can explore the destination online, check out the ideal ports, discover the best tourist spots you want to visit, as well as find activities that you and your group can enjoy.

The Mediterranean is filled with historic sites, beautiful beaches, marinas, and islands with the hidden treasures that you wouldn’t want to miss. Planning your itinerary to the last detail allows you to have a deeply personalized and unforgettable experience. Leaving room for things to take an unexpected turn can be stressful and possibly ruin your vacation.

You can find more info on our Mediterranean yacht charter destinations here.

Book your yacht early to have more time for planning a perfect sailing adventure. Image source: Shutterstock


To conclude, by booking early you’re ensuring that your holiday will be smooth sailing. The earlier you book, the better discounts you’ll find, the cheaper the flights will be. Furthermore, you’ll be the first in line to choose the perfect yacht that best suits your needs and you’ll have more flexibility and time to plan your itinerary.


Don’t waste time - book your dream yacht in advance

You can start by browsing our selection of luxury yachts here. When you’ve made your choice, you can start planning your perfect holiday! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to provide the best possible yacht charter service, so you can expect nothing less than ’all hands on deck’ approach from our team!


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