Yacht vs. Hotel - Why Choose a Yacht Charter for Your Luxury Holiday

Yachts are like floating hotels that enable you to change the scenery and destination as you please. Here are the main reasons why you should pick a yacht charter instead of a hotel.

14 June 2021

If you’re planning your dream holiday for the summer, booking a luxury hotel might seem like a logical choice. When you think of typical high-end hotel accommodation, what comes to mind first? The proximity of a beach, luxurious room with a great view, impeccable service, pampering spa…The list goes on.

However, a private yacht charter also offers you the same, but is completely tailored to your personal needs.

Many people think that renting a yacht is only for the rich and famous but that simply isn’t true. When you do the math, a private yacht charter often works out to be about the same or less expensive than a luxurious hotel. Plus there are numerous benefits that hotels can’t provide.

So, we’ve singled out the main reasons why you should pick a yacht charter instead of a hotel stay for your next holiday:


You have total freedom

image of couple enjoying on a yacht

Immerse yourself in complete freedom on your yacht charter. Image: Shutterstock

When you’re staying in a hotel, you’re restricted to one destination. If you want to go exploring and sightseeing, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a lot of your valuable vacation time stuck in traffic. Plus you’ll have to share an overcrowded beach with other guests and tourists.

On a yacht, you don’t have to worry about traffic or driving and you’re not stuck in one place. On the contrary, you’re constantly on the move, changing destinations as your heart desires. All your preferences regarding activities, destinations, food, and beverages will be taken into account to create a fully personalized experience.

view aboard a yacht deck with the sea in the distance

Pick whichever destination you would like to visit. Image: M/Y Bora Bora-Admiral 27

However, you don’t need to stick to your itinerary if you don’t want to.You have total freedom to change your mind and go with the flow. Your captain and crew will readily follow your every impulse.They will also make sure you get to see the most beautiful locations - whether it’s a secluded beach where you’ll feel like you’re in your own private paradise, an underwater cave where you get to explore wondrous marine life, or an island accessible only by a yacht.

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When you need a change of scenery, the Captain can drop the anchor in a marina so you can try out the activities on the mainland. Finally, what’s a hotel room with a nice view compared to an exciting, different view every day you get to enjoy on a yachting trip?


You have complete privacy

a couple enjoying complete privacy on a yacht

Being on a yacht is like having a whole hotel just for yourself. Image: Shutterstock

When you stay in a luxurious hotel, you’re just one of the guests there. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner with your partner in the hotel restaurant, relax in the spa or have a swim at the hotel pool, other people will be there. You don’t have any control over who your next-door neighbors might be and you might not be able to use the amenities as you wish due to overcrowding.

A private yacht, on the other hand, offers you complete privacy. It’s like having a whole hotel just for yourself. Whether the idea of your perfect holiday is a romantic escape with your loved one, an unforgettable party in the middle of the sea, or some quality alone time with your near and dear ones, on a yacht there won’t be other people to intrude and spoil the mood. It's just you and your guests, doing whatever you please, whenever you please.

champagne and glasses for a romantic setting on a yacht

Enjoy a romantic luxury evening on a yacht, with no other guests around. Image: Shutterstock

There are numerous secluded beaches, coves, islands and islets on the Mediterranean you can enjoy, that are accessible only by a boat. Plus, when you’re done with your private adventures, you can always dock in a harbor to go sightseeing or experience the local nightlife.


You have a more memorable experience

people having fun on a yacht

There's never a dull moment aboad a yacht. Image: Shutterstock

So, the hotel has a pool. Or a spa. Maybe a tennis court. A luxury yacht charter, on the other hand, can be even more dynamic, with a plan that will keep you and your guests entertained for weeks.

If you prefer an active holiday, you can enjoy exciting water activities like water-skiing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving or windsurfing.

If you’re more of a Robinson Crusoe type and want to escape the city bustle, it can be just you exploring the beautiful untouched nature surrounding you.

If you want to spend some quality time with your family - you can do that as well, as yachts offer something for everyone. We’ll help you find a yacht that’s a perfect fit for your vacation style, equipped with gadgets that will fill your every need.

When you’re traveling by boat there’s never a dull moment. You get to wake up to stunning new scenery every day. You can have a picnic on a beach in the morning, then go for a swim and lounge on the deck all afternoon to soak up the sun. Afterward, you can dock the boat in a marina and explore the local cuisine then dance your feet off in a nearby nightclub - all in the same day!


You have your own staff

food on a tray carried by the yacht service crew

Get a complete yacht crew just for you. Image: Shutterstock

Having private staff is a benefit a hotel just can’t beat. No matter how good the service is, it’s not exclusive and you’re treated as just one of the guests. In contrast, your yacht crew is there just for you, focused on making you and your companions happy.

With a group of dedicated professionals always at your hand, you’ll feel like a VIP! You don’t have to worry about making dinner reservations anymore - you can have a private chef who will plan your meals following your dietary preferences.

You can get a drink service, a turn-down service, or even a private instructor who can teach you new skills. The interior crew will ensure that the yacht is spotless at all times. Your crew will serve you, pamper you and guide you.

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We can find the right crew that will ensure you have an unforgettable holiday experience.


You get ultimate luxury at an affordable price

luxury interior of a yacht

Enjoy even better luxury than you would in an expensive hotel. Image: M/Y MilaYa-Timmerman 33

Gone are the days when yachting was just for the wealthy. Many factors affect the price of the boat - the size, the design, the amenities, the time of the season. Of course, the bigger the yacht and the more amenities it has, included, the more you’ll pay. However, if you take advantage of the early-bird discounts and share the costs with your companions, a yacht vacation can be a luxurious, yet more affordable experience than staying in a high-end hotel.


Make your holiday special - book a yacht instead of a hotel

To conclude, yachts are like floating hotels that enable you to change the scenery and destination as you please, to enjoy unparalleled levels of personalized luxury and an always-available crew that can indulge your every whim. Plus, the value for the many things you get with a yacht simply cannot compare to the hotel.

You deserve nothing but the perfect holiday so treat you and your loved ones to an experience you’ll never forget. You can start by browsing our selection of luxury yachts here or take a look at our Mediterranean yacht charter destinations here.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!