How to select the best charter route

We offer many different route options for our guest and make their luxury yacht charter vacation a lifelong memory.

09 October 2019

We offer many different route options for our guests. We always have in mind that we want to fulfill all their desires and make their luxury yacht charter a lifelong memory. Other than having top class service on our yachts and providing only the best while on their cruise, its extremely important to pick which destinations you would like to visit.

We have many route itineraries available for all areas of the Mediterranaen. On these itineraries all the main places are included making sure that our guests see the most spectacular of areas on our sea coast. There is always room to make adjustments. We would like to be at the guests disposal and make sure that their wishes are included and realized while on their Mediterranean luxury yacht charter.

In order to make an itinerary that includes our guests desires, we kindly ask that our guests contact their captain to get the planned itinerary from which then they can ask to make adjustments. As well, this way if the guests would prefer to make a change and go somewhere else the captain has time to arrange and plan another route option.

Your luxury yacht charter can be perfect in all ways, that’s why let us known how we can help you in making it up to your desires.