The best beaches in Croatia

Croatia is renowned for having some of the Adriatic's most crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches.

09 October 2019

Croatia is renowned for having some of the Adriatic's most crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches. There are plenty to choose from and sometimes it’s really hard to make a choice. There’s plenty of choices but little time to see it all, so make sure to choose one of the ones that are being mentioned below.

Beginning with Dugi Otok, the Sakrun beach. White sand and turquoise clear waters stretch to 800 meters and it is the complete zen for the body and soul. This is exactly why it is known as the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic. It is known as the beach as unique in terms of color intensity - the turquoise sea, the dark pines and white pebbles that glitters at the sun. Just off the yacht and relax on the perfect beach.

After, we have the island of Cres. Lubenice, this difficult to reach beach is known for his pure beauty. The sheltered, untouched nature and scents are only accessible by foot or by boat. The pebble beach is a good location for an escape from all civilization. Foreign tabloids have rated this beach as the 15th most beautiful on the world.

Next, the most prestigious beach of Makarska Riviera, which is ranked among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, ranked 6th and 1st in Europe. On the same beach there is a monumental stone, which is now used as the official symbol of Brela and is called "stone of life", a rocks in the sea from which it grows. It has become a world attraction. The views, the natural beauty, the sea water color and transquility is not describable in words, a must see on a Mediterranean yacht cruise.

Croatia's most photographed beach extends like a "golden horn," as its name translates, south from the island of Brač. Owing to the shifts in wind, one side usually attracts the surfers while the other side remains calm, and therefore more filled with towels, tents, and tourists. Another highlight is the curly sea snail shell, dubbed "lucky stone" by locals, which is located among the pebbles on the beach. It’s a very popular beach among toursits and is always filled during the summer. Make your perfect pictures while on your luxury yacht vacation.

Now one of the country's popular beaches, Stiniva lies on the south side of Vis, an island with a legend and a very rich history. Situated a two hour and 30 minute ferry ride from Split, it was named the best beach in Europe. This is a beach that can only be reached by boat or down a very steep rough slope. It is definitely worth every second of adventure to see the incredible seaviews.

Croatia's most exciting beach can be found at the south of Istria, on the Kamenjak Peninsula, a national park, which scatters the rest of the islets all over the sea. Here tourists that enjoy deep diving and snorkelling have the best of fun. Its protected status keeps both land and water clean for the passing dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals. Here you will enjoy the amazing natural sea animals and adventure.