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Searching for the perfect luxury charter holidays? Then stay with Magnum and select an impressive instead of massive yacht charter. Find the best yacht charter deals  and request our special and last minute offers. Magnum yacht charter is the most exclusive central agency for luxury yacht charter & motor boat rentals. Magnum offers only genuine luxury motor yachts for the finest yacht charter holidays. Magnum Yacht Charter has the most luxurious, elegant and eco-friendly fleet and is proud to announce that all Magnum central agency yachts are cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning products and that no flavor enhancers are used in the preparation of food.  Magnum follows the latest trends in the yacht charter industry and offers luxury family charters, children friendly yacht charters, luxury senior holidays and young and fun charters. We take you to the world's most beautiful destinations. Find your yacht charter in Croatia, Italy, Greece, France, Caribbean, and around the world.

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Yacht Features


Our collection of motor yachts in Croatia consists of solidly, aesthetically constructed vessels. These yachts are essentially floating hotels, providing a romantic, memorable experience to our customers. The grandeur and decoration provided by our floating vacation destinations will surely win you over. Our largest yacht, the La Perla, contains a total of 8 cabins with a maximum of 16 guests per trip, allowing you to invite your entire family with you to have the trip of a lifetime. Most yachts only have under five cabins, so this is really a special opportunity for you! If you want a smaller, more intimate setting, our other yachts contain three to five cabins, each of which can hold one or two passengers. All yachts also have an additional cabin to be used for a variety of purposes such as for a salon, office, television center or playroom. All cabins feature sumptuous cherrywood trim and decoration, attached toilets, and well-built partitions for maximum privacy. Different yachts have different specifications, but most of our luxury yachts in Croatia cruise at speeds of 15-20 knots. Most yachts are also equipped with Wi-Fi internet capabilities, and all include climate control such as AC for interior cabins. Read about the different yachts to learn more about each one. All of our crew members are experienced with luxury yacht charters, allowing you to simply enjoy yourself while on the open seas. Most of our motor yachts contain spacious fly-bridges, giving travelers a magnificent ocean view. You can relax up on deck, look at the islands, and even go fishing in the Adriatic Sea. Other fun activities you can engage while on your yacht charter trip in Croatia include surfing and water-skiing. You may also wish to dock in one of many towns, cities and national park areas on hundreds of islands. Exploring Croatia and the Adriatic Sea on our luxury motor yachts is an unforgettable travel experience !

Luxury yacht charters by Magnum Yacht Charter

Magnum Yacht Charter offers VIP boat rentals and Croatia yacht charter services. We provide first-class service from the moment you call us about a trip up until the final docking and exit from the boat. We are proud to offer you the chance to have an unforgettable holiday with us. Our yachts travel throughout the Adriatic Sea and all over the Mediterranean as well.

Our motorboat fleet is located in Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik and in Istria. Within twenty minutes of landing, you can be aboard one of our luxury motor yachts.

Advantages of Crewed Yacht Charters Provided by Magnum Yacht Charter

As one of the most naturally endowed countries along the Adriatic coast, Croatia offers hundreds of spots teeming with splendor and beauty. Exploring the Croatian archipelagos by luxury motor yacht is said to be one of the best ways to experience the country. Sparkling white sand beaches, sumptuous forest waterfalls and caves glowing with light are just a few of the options for the traveler seeking natural beauty. Exploring our culture through the towns and villages along your yacht charter route offers another excellent option for your holiday. You can choose between several different sizes of motor yachts in Croatia. Different yacht charter Croatia plans are available as well, depending on your interests and budget. You can charter a yacht for a weekend or even for a day, or you can choose to have up to several weeks of fun on the sea. We are your specialists for luxury yachts in Croatia. Contact us and plan your Croatia yacht holiday today!