France is a beautiful country in Western Europe which has a long coastline and beautiful beaches stretching over 3000 kilometres across both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The French Riviera, translating to the Coast of Azure is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France with warm and sunny summers. It is a major destination for luxury motor yacht charters with many beautiful marinas and historic cities along its coast. Its cities Nice and Cannes host a number of famous festivals and yacht events.

Monaco is a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera. Monte Carlo is considered the capital of Monaco although officially Monaco doesn’t have capital city. Monaco is a top luxury destination and it is very popular for Monaco yacht charter holidays.

Each year the Riviera hosts 50 percent of the world's superyacht fleet, with 90 percent of all superyachts visiting the region's coast at least once in their lifetime. It is the best known and most luxurious European costal yacht destination. Filled with breath-taking sights and a rich culture, the French Riviera is a fantastic choice for a luxury yacht charter on the Mediterranean.

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