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Yacht management in Croatia

We at Magnum Yacht Charter constantly strive to make world class luxury yachts and motor yachts in the enthralling country of Croatia available to you.

How do you hire a yacht?

Do you really need assistance in this process?

Yes, you do. This is because there is not one yacht in the market, but thousands, and each one is different from the other. You need technical expertise to understand the whole process. We have all the necessary experience to provide you with the right kind of yacht. We will act as your personal assistants and will help you pick out a yacht that is suitable for the time you wish to spend and the destinations you want to visit.

The mentioned shall be done by careful analysis of various boats and itineraries and by interviewing the crew. We will show you our large collection of boats with different styles and crews. If you would like to spend most of your time on the boat, we have a nice luxurious yacht for you. If you are more interested in the destinations, you can save by hiring a less expensive, but very beautiful boat.

“We will aid you with all your yacht management needs.”

We also specialize in Yacht Management. What exactly is Yacht Management and why do you need it?

Yacht management is the system through which assistance is supplied to yacht owners so that all the essential details in the functioning of it are taken care of. This could include anything from its administration to operation and maintenance. We at Magnum Yacht Charter hold expertise in this sphere and we always aim to have you enjoy a comfortable ride aboard our luxury yachts without worrying about its management.

We will provide you with a skilled and experienced team, which will carry out the necessary services with precision. There are many things which fall under the term "managing a yacht", and you can count on Magnum Yacht Charter because our team experts are there to assist you in the management of luxury yachts. We provide financial assistance where we take care of the annual budget and the miscellaneous expenditures. To meet up with the technical requirements of yacht management, we have a department completely dedicated to technical administration to compensate your technical knowledge.

To ensure that your family is safe aboard a yacht, we offer safety regulations services. To meet regulations standards, we perform regular checks of equipment and a constant watch at the destination. To lessen your effort in selecting the appropriate crew members you need while sailing, Magnum Yacht Charter helps you in the recruitment and payroll management of crew members.

Magnum Yacht Charter staff is always prepared in advance to cope with any emergency situation that may arise unexpectedly. Our active emergency management team will provide you with quick assistance during emergency situations.